The Challengers

Organizational Needs

Glades County is a rural school district located in the south Central Florida. There is a combined junior senior high school with a total school population of just fewer than 400 and a graduation rate of 66%. There are a total of 27 full time teachers and 2 administrators. The school is a Title 1 school. The total expenditure per student is $10,500. All students participate in 8th grade in the online Choices program which helps students determine their high school planning. Based on this program students choose a major as required by the State of Florida. One of these majors is Web Design which will also lead to the Bright Futures Gold Medallion Seal Program. In order to complete the Bright Futures Scholarship program, a student needs to complete at least 3 career credits taken over 2 years. One option to complete these three courses is to complete Introduction to Information Technology, Web Design 1 and Web Design 2. If the Introduction to Technology class were offered in a Distance Learning Environment, more students could have access to the course, which could increase the eligibility number of students for the scholarship. Students could take the class from home, or if they do not have Internet access, they could work from the library or from one of five technology labs at school.

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