The Challengers

Executive Summary

Introduction to Technology would be best taught through a fully web-based, asynchronous course for high school students in Glades County. Glades County, a small, rural county in south central Florida, has a high school population of fewer than 400 students and a 65% graduation rate. The high school has 27 full time teachers.

This course will be the first of three courses offered in the distance learning mode.  This will allow the students eligibility for the Bright Futures Gold Medallion Seal Program. This will provide more students the opportunity to earn a scholarship for college. In the traditional classroom, it is difficult to fit this course into the students’ schedules. The students have varying schedules based on their past performance and future goals. These schedules will require one full-time teacher to teach this class all day.  This is cost prohibitive; therefore, the best way to offer this course is web-based and asynchronous.

The course provides a basic introduction to business systems, operating systems, software applications, web design and the Information Technology Industry.  The course covers both technical and soft skills. After completing the course, students will understand the fundamentals of computers and communication skills for the 21st century and will have learned how to work in a group in an asynchronous setting.

The teacher will need to understand both synchronous and asynchronous methods of teaching online.  Although the course is asynchronous, the teacher will need to hold optional work or help sessions. The teacher must understand the importance of giving prompt feedback to the students in response to both their work and emails.

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